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Laser Dental Cleaning Manhattan

Sometimes during a routine cleaning (prophy) tartar or calculus is found to be deep under the gumline. Many times it is too deep for the hygienist to reach it without the patient being anesthetized.  When this is the case,  Dr. Schwartz  will perform a deep scaling with anesthesia using the laser.  The patient is anesthetized which allows the Doctor to reach deep into the pockets of tartar and quickly and painlessly remove the tartar.  The laser breaks up the tartar and it is flushed out allowing the gums to heal more effectively.


"I met Dr.Schwartz approximately 23 years ago.  I have always considered myself a faithful dental patient and had been seeing my dentist in New Jersey for over 20 years.  I was getting shooting pains on the upper left side of my face for 1-2 years.  I went to my dentist, he took x-rays, saw nothing and said to me that it was neuralgia and I would have to live with the pain.  Being a loyal and trusting patient I was willing to go along with the diagnosis.  At the time my daughter was seeing Dr. Schwartz as a patient and suggested I see him.  He immediately diagnosed my problem of a large silver filling that was touching my gum area.  He removed the filling and made me a porcelain crown and sure enough the pain went away.  That one right decision made an impact on my life and I remain grateful forever."

Sidney Katz

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