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Restore Damaged Teeth and Fill in Gaps

Porcelain Crowns, Bridges Manhattan

Porcelain Crowns and BridgeAt times the amount of decay, size of the previous filling or a necessity to prevent a fracture of a tooth makes a porcelain crown (also known as a cap) the restoration of choice.  When done properly and with care, they can be of great service to a patient for many years.

Doing a crown is technique sensitive and the way it is done can differentiate from one dentist to another.

  1. It is important to maintain the most natural tooth structure under the crown when possible.  An experienced dentist trained in the art of prosthetics uses magnification and state of the art dental hand pieces (drills).
  2. The impression technique must be precise for the crown to fit properly.
  3. Our in-house lab is extremely important because making a porcelain crown is done by a team; the dentist and the lab technician.  Both parts of the team are important to ensure the patient receives the best work.

If you have a fractured tooth, old broken down fillings or a severely decayed tooth, a crown or a cap is suggested.  Crowns protect and strengthen the tooth structure and improve your appearance.  They improve your overall smile and blend in with your own teeth.  After root canal teeth tend to become brittle and more apt to fracture.  A crown will protect the fragile tooth underneath .

Crowns can be made with a precious metal (gold) backing.  With the newest technology available today more and more crowns are being made of full porcelain.  Our in-house lab makes pressable Emox crowns which have great strength, great accuracy of fit and maximum aesthetics.

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