If your smile is currently exposing gaps from missing teeth, you may be ready to address the matter. After all, an incomplete smile can make a person feel embarrassed with how they look. What you should know is that in addition to addressing the cosmetic effects of tooth loss, your New York, NY dentist’s office can help you deal with the functional effects of this issue as well. Dental implants make it possible to permanently hold a dental prosthetic in position. With a secured restoration, you can feel more confident and comfortable while you speak, and you can feel better about eating foods that have been difficult to bite or chew. Dental implant-supported prosthetic work can also help you by protecting you against jawbone resorption.

How Dental Implants Provide Permanent Support For Your Prosthetic

A dental implant is set in your jawbone – as you heal from this process, your bone will fuse with the implant, providing significant stability. Your implant-held prosthetic can offer a more secure feeling when you speak, bite, and chew. It can even help to stabilize neighboring teeth. This is important, as a single lost tooth can put you at greater risk for further losses when you fail to address the matter.

Recognizing The Problems That Come With Unaddressed Tooth Loss

Restoring your smile after tooth loss can make you more confident in how you look, and give you more support for daily dental functions. In the long term, this support can help you by protecting you against jawbone resorption. Jawbone resorption occurs when a lack of stimulation in the bone leads to a lack of nutrients, which results in a loss of density. Dental implants are able to successfully stimulate the bone, imitating the stimulation normally provided by teeth roots.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving A Prosthetic Held By A Dental Implant

You can have your complete smile back, and enjoy cosmetic and functional improvements, thanks to a dental implant-held prosthetic restoration. Dr. Schwartz is proud to offer a variety of important restorative services, in addition to offering cosmetic care and preventive smile care.  If you wish to schedule a consultation, you can reach our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617, or by emailing info@drjackschwartz.com.