Painless dental injections are possible and probable in almost all cases. One of the important aspects is the hand skill and physical ability of the dentist not to put forces on the patient’s mouth but translate all the stress to the dentist’s body instead. At Dr. Jack Schwartz’, painless injections have been a cornerstone of my practice. Patients who previously were anxious and scared of injections remain calm in my chair because they know I will not cause them any pain.


Second is chemistry. We use different types of anesthetics to achieve a painless dental injection. One is Citanest plain which has a neutral pH of 6-7 which is close to the body pH. The second is Lidocaine 2% which has a more acidic pH. With the first anesthetic, the body does not recognize the anesthetic as foreign. If the second anesthetic is used first the body would think it is foreign and elicit more pain.

The last aspect is for each step to be administered very slowly and gently. At Dr. Jack Schwartz’ these steps are routinely done and our patients have been very satisfied. I have each patient’s best interests in mind and make every effort to alleviate all anxiety. Patients are more confident and relaxed knowing the appointment will start out with a painless injection.

Painless injections are done routinely at Dr. Jack Schwartz DDS MS at 134 W. 58th St which is part of our desire to make your dental experience a painless one.