While you are certainly capable of taking great care of your smile at home, the regular dental exams you attend can make a big difference in the overall state of your oral health. One reason for this is that you can count on regular professional dental cleanings during these appointments. These cleanings are detailed, so that the hardest areas to reach can receive dedicated care. They can also result in the removal of tartar, which is not something you can accomplish through brushing and flossing at home. Your New York, NY dentist’s office can help you stay on top of your dental needs, so that you can avoid the kind of issues that might demand restorative dental work.

A Professional Teeth Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Oral Health Trouble

Professional teeth cleanings protect you against potential cavities. Through each cleaning, areas that are difficult to effectively reach enjoy detailed care. Your session also results in the removal of any tartar accumulations that are present. This tartar removal protects your enamel against the damage oral bacteria can cause over time. While you are certainly capable of providing a thorough cleaning of your teeth on your own, professional cleanings can add a valuable added degree of protection.

When Is A Periodontal Cleaning Necessary?

A periodontal cleaning can be recommended when you show signs of poor gum health. During this procedure, your smile is given an extra degree of support, as your dentist will carefully tend to the portions of teeth that reside under your gum line. Taking this step can protect you from an infection that might lead to worrying future complications. One major concern around untreated gum disease is your risk for tooth loss, as an advanced infection can result in destabilizing damage to the periodontal and bone tissues that support your teeth.

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