For the sake of your overall oral health, you need to make sure your gums are staying healthy. Fortunately, you can protect your periodontal tissues when you brush and floss. To make sure these practices are effective, make sure you address the portions of your teeth at your gum line. When oral bacteria do cause an infection of these tissues, you can recognize the signs by looking for swelling or redness. A tendency to bleed when you clean your teeth is also a concern. When your New York, NY dentist sees that something is wrong with your periodontal health, they can recommend a periodontal cleaning. This procedure involves the cleaning of your teeth under your gums, so that bacteria that cause poor health are properly removed.

What Can Happen When Gum Disease Is Not Addressed

If you leave your gum health unaddressed, there are potentially serious consequences. When an infection reaches an advanced stage, your condition can be more difficult to manage, and your periodontal health can continue to worsen without ongoing care. Individuals who struggle with advanced gum disease have a higher risk for tooth loss, which can leave you needing the appropriate restorative dental work to regain your full smile.

Planning A Periodontal Cleaning With Your Dentist

A periodontal cleaning is not performed at every routine dental exam, but your dentist can recommend it when you show signs of gum disease. During this procedure, your teeth are carefully cleaned below the gum line. Once plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth roots, these spaces will be polished. By polishing these surfaces, your dentist can make it more difficult for future bacteria to accumulate, which means your risk for future periodontal problems is reduced.

Dr. Schwartz Can Help You Keep Your Gums In Good Health

If you want to stay on top of your oral health needs, you should be paying attention to the condition of your teeth, and your gums. Dr. Schwartz can help you by providing dedicated care during routine evaluations, and by offering the appropriate care when something is wrong. You can schedule a consultation by calling the dental office Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617, or emailing