Why would you need to have a dental crown placed on your tooth? Many people who receive this dental restoration are undergoing treatment for tooth decay, as a significant cavity can require this degree of support. A crown can also be used when a damaged or misshapen tooth needs to be addressed. While the purpose of a crown is to protect a vulnerable tooth, and to restore proper bite function, you can count on a modern crown to offer additional cosmetic advantages. Your New York, NY dentist can provide you with a dental crown that offers important support, while also providing an impressively lifelike appearance.

Using A Dental Crown To Take Care Of A Vulnerable Tooth

A single problem tooth can be enough to cause problems for your dental function. A compromised bite can lead to issues with TMJ dysfunction, while also leading to increased wear and tear on other teeth. If the problem is the result of a cavity, failure to act can lead to your tooth becoming infected, and potentially compromising your oral health. Dental crowns keep weak, damaged, or infected teeth safe by offering total coverage above the gum line. This can help you avoid future damage, and it can make biting and chewing feel natural again.

Are You At Risk For A Problem That Might Require A Dental Crown?

How likely are you to need a dental crown in the near future? If you are keeping up with smart daily care, and seeing your dentist for routine checkups, you can enjoy a stronger chance of avoiding oral health concerns. Those routine checkups also make it more likely that a problem is caught, and treated early, which can mean receiving a dental filling. A filling allows for your surrounding natural tooth structure to remain.

Dr. Schwartz Can Offer Attractive, Durable Tooth Support With A Dental Crown

Dental crowns offer important protection for teeth that are affected by decay, or by physical trauma. Dr. Schwartz can talk to you about receiving a modern, lifelike dental crown that can provide many years of support. If you would like more information, schedule a consultation by calling the dental office Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617 or emailing info@drjackschwartz.com.