Month: November 2018

Our In-House Lab Helps Us Provide Great Smile Care

With the right restoration, it is possible to make amazing improvements to a person’s smile. To make sure your dental work looks terrific, your New York, NY dentist has an in-house dental lab where dental crowns and porcelain veneers can be constructed. This can cut down on the time it takes for you to complete… Read more »

Enjoy The Christmas Party At Washington Market Park

On Saturday, December 8, families can gather at Washington Market Park to enjoy a special Christmas Party! During this day, the park will have plenty of fun seasonal activities ready – there will be Christmas carols, baked goodies, and other fun treats. There will also be an appearance from Santa Claus, which the kids are… Read more »

Cosmetic Dental Services Can Correct Serious Smile Flaws

Cosmetic dentistry can deliver a range of improvements to patients with varying needs. In some cases, a person may be searching for a way to address dental discoloration. Among those individuals, some can require something other than a traditional whitening procedure. For other people, their desired goal will focus on making changes to the way… Read more »

What Kind Of Support Can Modern Fillings Provide?

You might be impressed by how easy it is for a modern, resin-made filling to blend in with surrounding tooth structure. With that said, you could have some concerns about the durability of your restoration. Will it really keep you protected against more tooth damage? Will you need to avoid putting pressure on that tooth… Read more »

Enjoy Hands-On Science During Saturday Science At Columbia

During Saturday Science At Columbia, families are given opportunities to engage in fun, hands-on educational activities that are intended to help excite kids about science. On Saturday, December 8, the next program in a series of activities about the brain will be held. There will be experts ready to help everyone tackle questions about the… Read more »

3 Problems That Can Make You Unhappy With Your Smile

As valuable as a healthy smile might be, cosmetic concerns can leave people feeling dissatisfied. Problems with discoloration can affect healthy teeth, and some people are self-conscious because too much attention goes to a tooth that is damaged or naturally flawed. Your New York, NY dentist’s office is ready to help you if you are… Read more »

Be Careful About Starchy, Sugary Foods At Thanksgiving

As tempting as it is to fill up your plate at Thanksgiving, you should consider how the foods you eat can impact your teeth. You might be surprised at the quantity of sugars and starches used in recipes, even those that seem healthy. Because many of us can count on leftovers, the impact of Thanksgiving… Read more »

Dental Injuries Can Be Scary – We Can Help

The mere thought of a dental injury might make you reflexively wince. Tooth pain is certainly unpleasant, as are the cosmetic effect a damaged tooth can have on your smile. While you hopefully will not need it, you can feel comforted knowing that your New York, NY dentist is ready to help if you injure… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers

No more breaking of dental veneers. Emax is a very aesthetic and strong porcelain. They can be thin and still maintain their strength. Since we have our own in-house lab, they can be made quickly. If a patient breaks an old veneer it can be stabilized in a day. Our lab technician is a well-known… Read more »

Bringing Back Your Complete Smile With Dental Implants

How much trouble can you experience because of tooth loss? This problem can create serious concerns – the loss of even one tooth can make it harder for someone to bite and chew food, while also making them anxious about the way they look. Fortunately, modern prosthetic dental work can offer functional and cosmetic benefits… Read more »