As valuable as a healthy smile might be, cosmetic concerns can leave people feeling dissatisfied. Problems with discoloration can affect healthy teeth, and some people are self-conscious because too much attention goes to a tooth that is damaged or naturally flawed. Your New York, NY dentist’s office is ready to help you if you are concerned about the appearance of your smile. By identifying the right cosmetic dental procedure for you, your dentist can help you see a clear path to noticeable improvements. It should be noted that there certainly are oral health problems that create cosmetic concerns. One of those problems, tooth loss, is something that definitely calls for professional treatment.

1. Accumulated Teeth Stains

Many people can experience a frustrating buildup of stains in their enamel, even as they successfully protect themselves against tooth decay. Because these stains can be difficult to remove effectively with over the counter products, you may be better off asking your dentist about a professional whitening treatment.

2. Problems With Damaged Or Misshapen Teeth

You could have a tooth that looks awkward because it has been chipped. You may have certain teeth that just naturally developed in an odd way. Fortunately, porcelain veneers can be effective at addressing these types of superficial problems. Because they can fix issues with tooth shape and size, while also hide stains, veneers can serve effectively if you are seeking a smile makeover.

3. Gaps Left By Missing Teeth

A gap left in your smile because of a missing tooth does more than just change your smile. This problem can change your ability to bite and chew, and leave you at risk for losing additional teeth! A dental implant-held restoration can make you confident in your smile, while also taking care of worrying oral health concerns associated with tooth loss.

Dr. Schwartz Can Help You Restore Your Smile, And Improve Your Self-Confidence

If you want to make real improvements to your smile, Dr. Schwartz is ready to help! Our practice provides a variety of oral health services, and we can help you by targeting flaws that have made you self-conscious. To schedule a consultation, please call our office in New York today at 212-582-6617, or email