A tooth infection is a painful problem, one that also poses a threat to your oral health. If no action is taken in time, bacteria can spread from your pulp, and do more harm to your jawbone, and to neighboring teeth. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist can address the matter in a comfortable environment, and by using modern restorations that look natural when you smile. Of course, even with advanced care available to you, your goal should be to avoid an infection to begin with. Smart daily care can limit your cavity risk, and regular dental exams create important opportunities for your dentist to look for any signs of trouble. If decay is caught in time, you can avoid an infection, and have your tooth completely treated with a dental filling.

How Regular Checkups Make It Easier For You To Avoid Advanced Cavities

You can certainly feel the effects of an infected tooth – you can suffer pain and discomfort, particularly when you try to bite and chew. With that said, you may not realize when a cavity is in its earlier stages. Fortunately, your dentist is able to recognize when a cavity needs to be dealt with during routine evaluations. By spotting trouble, and recommending prompt care, your dentist helps you avoid complications that can be intrusive and uncomfortable.

Your Cavity Risk Can Be Affected By Surprising Issues

If you do a poor job brushing and flossing, or consume an unwise amount of sugar, a cavity can be an unsurprising result. Of course, there are some issues that can affect your cavity risk without you realizing it. If you brush with too much force, you can wear down your enamel. If you are frequently dehydrated, your body can struggle to produce saliva, leaving you at a disadvantage. Your dentist can offer guidance when you are unsure of how you managed to suffer a cavity despite your regular smile care efforts.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Addressing A Problem With A Cavity

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