You might be impressed by how easy it is for a modern, resin-made filling to blend in with surrounding tooth structure. With that said, you could have some concerns about the durability of your restoration. Will it really keep you protected against more tooth damage? Will you need to avoid putting pressure on that tooth when you bite and chew food? You can be assured that the restorative dental work provided by your New York, NY dentist is focused on offering real functional benefits, in addition to helping you maintain your appearance. A modern dental filling offers a remarkable degree of support, as it bonds directly with your tooth structure, and offers enduring protection against problems.

Your Dentist Can Offer Restorative Work That Provides Cosmetic And Functional Improvements

The goal during restorative dental work is to preserve your appearance, while also making sure your tooth is properly protected. Modern materials make it possible to provide both functional and cosmetic support. In addition to offering lifelike dental fillings, your dentist can offer appearance-friendly dental crowns, so you do not have to worry about a crown on a visible tooth interfering with your smile.

Understanding The Importance Of Early Detection And Treatment For Tooth Decay

Early detection and treatment for dental problems reduces the amount of damage ultimately done to your tooth structure. Because there is no way for you to slow down the spread of decay from a cavity on your own, the key to limiting its growth involves promptly seeking care. You can improve your chances of enjoying early detection and treatment by seeing your dentist for routine dental checkups. These visits offer comprehensive oral health reviews, and professional cleanings that help you avoid problems in the future.

Dr. Schwartz Can Restore Your Tooth With An Attractive, Durable Dental Filling

If you want to make sure your problem tooth is properly restored, talk to Dr. Schwartz! Our office proudly offers restorative work in a comfortable setting, while also offering cosmetic and functional benefits from your treatment. You can schedule a consultation by contacting the office of Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York at 212-582-6617, or by sending an email to