If you want your smile to look its absolute best, you need to be mindful of how a seemingly small flaw can cause a great deal of trouble. If you have a tooth that seems unhealthy, misshapen, or damaged, it can draw in more attention, and take away from your overall appearance. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist is ready to help you by identifying and addressing these problems. With a bonding and contouring procedure, it is possible for your dentist to carefully modify the tooth, and improve on its size, shape, and overall appearance. These changes can be made quickly, and with minimal alteration to a tooth. 

Using Cosmetic Dental Work To Carefully Address Distracting Flaws

Cosmetic dental work aims to provide big results, while also seeming natural. If your goal is to showcase your best smile, you want to maintain a natural look. Through careful work, your dentist can ensure that any tooth that receives attention will be a seamless fit with the rest of your smile. These changes can be made through precise bonding and contouring work, or through the use of a high-end restoration produced in our in-house dental lab.

What Kind Of Changes Can You Make With The Right Cosmetic Procedure?

Several issues can disrupt the way you look, and cause you to feel anxious about your smile. If you feel like your smile is not its best, you can find that many cosmetic procedures are available to you. Your dentist can recommend a procedure based on your current smile, and your ideal smile. You can be delighted to learn that modern care makes it possible to address multiple issues, meaning you could have the results you want with as little as one procedure!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Transforming Your Smile With Cosmetic Work

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