Is your tooth uneven because it was chipped? Do you have a tooth – or multiple teeth – that have always seemed unbalanced? People experience problems with the shape and structure of certain teeth for varying reasons. Causes may differ between people, but you can still count on important support from your New York, NY dentist to address the matter. By fixing a flawed tooth, or multiple flawed teeth, you can improve your smile in a major way. In some cases, the issue can be treated without little modification, or the use of a restoration. Bonding and contouring work can offer noticeable improvements while requiring less work that affects a tooth’s structure. 

What Should You Do To Address A Tooth That Appears Uneven Or Unhealthy?

Your dentist can evaluate the condition of your tooth, and identify their preferred approach to making improvements. This is about more than just looking for how to best improve the look of your tooth – its health is also under consideration. If an uneven tooth is vulnerable to damage, or interfering with your bite function, restorative dental work can be needed. If the tooth is only a problem for your smile, a cosmetic dental procedure can lead to the ideal improvements.

Modern Dental Restorations Can Be Attractive, Durable, And Dependable

Any dental work you receive should give you confidence in your smile, and the confidence that your teeth are in good health. Whenever your dentist is tasked with addressing an uneven tooth, or a tooth with any other shape or size issues, they will make sure you enjoy practical and cosmetic benefits from care. You can see your results in less time than you might expect, even if you need to have a lab-made restoration produced, thanks to your dentist’s in-house dental lab.

Dr. Schwartz Can Help You Fix A Serious Smile Flaw With A Modern Restoration

If you want to improve your smile by correcting an uneven tooth, talk to Dr. Schwartz! Our practice offers dependable work that also looks great – we have helped many people in and around Manhattan enjoy better smiles, and we are excited to work with you, too. You can schedule a consultation by calling the dental office Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617, or you can send an email to