Month: January 2019

Holding Your Crown Or Bridge With A Dental Implant

The loss of even a single tooth can have a pronounced change for your routine dental functions. If you are no longer able to bite and chew comfortably and naturally, it can create wear and tear on your remaining teeth, while also creating pressure on your jaw joints. If you want to make sure your… Read more »

Producing High-Quality Restorations From An In-House Lab

If you want to remain confident in your appearance after undergoing dental work, a high-quality restoration can be crucial. Modern restorations can be made to blend in with your surrounding teeth by matching the size and look of your tooth, and its color. Thanks to the in-house dental lab used by your New York, NY… Read more »

Count On Comfort And A Quality Smile From Your Dental Work

The process of treating a cavity, and restoring your cavity, is important – you should feel confident that your procedure offers oral health protection, and support for your smile. Your New York, NY dentist understands the value of quality restorative dental work. Your experience can be a positive one for many reasons. You can enjoy… Read more »

What You Can Do If You Feel Your Smile Makes You Look Older

Through dieting, exercise, and an effective skin care regimen, you can hold onto your youthful look. With that said, these tactics can overlook one possible problem – problems with your teeth can hurt the way you look. Teeth stains and dental wear and tear both have the potential to affect your appearance by making you… Read more »