The loss of even a single tooth can have a pronounced change for your routine dental functions. If you are no longer able to bite and chew comfortably and naturally, it can create wear and tear on your remaining teeth, while also creating pressure on your jaw joints. If you want to make sure your dental prosthetic is held securely enough to hold up against biting and chewing functions, you can talk with your New York, NY dentist’s office about dental implants. Implants provide greater stability for a restoration because they act as artificial tooth roots. They can make you more confident in your restored smile, while also providing support for your jawbone.

Recognizing The Trouble Unaddressed Tooth Loss Can Create For You

When people think about tooth loss, the image in their minds can be a smile that is compromised by unattractive gaps or holes. The cosmetic impact of an incomplete smile can be serious, but you should also be aware of the impact this matter can have on your oral health. When a person has missing teeth, they are actually more likely to suffer more losses – your teeth rely on their neighbors for stability. You can also wear down teeth more quickly when they have to absorb more biting and chewing pressures. Over time, a person with unaddressed tooth loss can see their appearance change because of jawbone deterioration. In fact, this problem can also occur if you have a restoration that is not held in place with an implant, as the jawbone will only be stimulated by an implant-supported prosthetic (and your natural teeth, of course).

Your Experience With Implant Placement And Restoration

Your implant placement can be arranged after your dentist has studied your oral health, and addressed any matters that need to be treated before you can move forward with the receipt of your prosthetic. The placement process sees your implant set directly in your jawbone. This will be followed by a necessary period for healing. Once that healing has appropriately taken place, you can have a lifelike restoration, like a dental crown or a dental bridge, set in position.

Life After You Have Your Modern Prosthetic Restoration

When you have an implant-supported prosthetic in place, you should feel capable of biting and chewing foods with the support of your restoration. The goal of modern prosthetic work is to make the best possible improvements. That can mean making changes to the way you look, but it can also be about restoring your dental functions.

Meet With Dr. Schwartz To Discuss Dental Implants

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