Through dieting, exercise, and an effective skin care regimen, you can hold onto your youthful look. With that said, these tactics can overlook one possible problem – problems with your teeth can hurt the way you look. Teeth stains and dental wear and tear both have the potential to affect your appearance by making you seem older, or less healthy overall. If you want to prevent these problems, it can be beneficial to speak with your New York, NY dentist about cosmetic dental care. Identifying problems with your smile, and making corrections, can boost your confidence, and help you avoid issues that age you prematurely.

How Cosmetic Dental Work Can Help You Improve Your Smile

If you are already seeing signs of smile trouble that leave you distressed about your appearance, schedule a consultation to review your treatment options. Over the course of your appointment, you can discuss problems with wear and tear that lead to changes in the look of your smile, as well as issues with dental discoloration. A bonding and contouring procedure can make targeted changes to particularly flawed teeth. You also have the option of covering up your flaws with dental veneers, which can give you a smile that looks brighter, healthier, and generally better overall.

Keeping Up With Better Dental Care At Home To Help You Preserve Your Appearance

If your goal is to maintain a healthy, good-looking smile, start thinking about your current habits. Are you really doing enough to protect yourself against cosmetic flaws and oral health troubles that can hurt the way you look? Better brushing and flossing, along with a healthier diet, can make it easier to avoid trouble.

Tooth loss can create serious trouble for your appearance later in life. Taking care of your gum line by brushing and flossing thoroughly can help you prevent this, as it lowers your risk for tooth loss. You might be surprised to learn that periodontal troubles are actually the lead cause of adult tooth loss.

Regular Dental Exams Help You Maintain Your Smile

Keeping up with professional dental visits can help you maintain that healthy smile! Your dentist is able to identify the many different issues that might lead to trouble. Tooth decay, gum disease, and wear and tear from habitual teeth grinding can all drag down the quality of your oral health, and your smile. Early identification of these problems, followed by prompt professional treatment, can be key in fighting their more serious effects.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Addressing Your Smile Concerns

If you want to do something about your smile, or if you want to make sure it stays in the best possible shape, reach out to your Manhattan dentist, Dr. Schwartz. You can learn about cosmetic dental care, and also discuss smart oral health strategies to keep your teeth protected. You can schedule your consultation by contacting Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617, or by emailing