Month: February 2019

Cosmetic Dental Work Can Offer Truly Exciting Smile Changes!

How excited are you to show off your smile when you enter a room, or meet someone new? If you feel self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, it can affect your demeanor and confidence in frustrating ways. You can do something about dental flaws that make you uncomfortable, and change the way you behave… Read more »

Using The Right Material To Produce Lifelike Restorations

When you think about what you want from a dental restoration, you should keep in mind how that restoration needs to maintain its condition even as it absorbs significant biting and chewing pressures. If you want to maintain a dental restoration, or cosmetic dental work, durable materials are key. With that said, you can also… Read more »

What Will It Take To Protect My Teeth Against Stains?

If you have a smile that is healthy, but discolored, you can feel particularly bothered by your troubles with teeth stains. After all, you have taken care of your teeth and prevented cavities from forming – what else should you do if you want to make your smile bright? To limit the accumulation of new… Read more »

No Need To Panic – Your Dentist Can Address A Chipped Tooth

Your tooth hurts, and it looks like it suffered some damage. Dental injuries can be upsetting because they can be particularly painful, and because they can cause big problems for your smile. If you find yourself with a chipped tooth, or one that has visible cracks, know that your New York, NY dentist’s office is… Read more »