How excited are you to show off your smile when you enter a room, or meet someone new? If you feel self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, it can affect your demeanor and confidence in frustrating ways. You can do something about dental flaws that make you uncomfortable, and change the way you behave in social settings. Your New York, NY dentist can work with you on making big improvements to your teeth with a modern cosmetic dental procedure. With the right treatment, you can transform the way you look, and give yourself a terrific confidence boost!

What Kind Of Issues Can I Really Address When I Arrange Cosmetic Work?

Modern cosmetic procedures are able to make significant changes, while at the same time keeping your appearance natural. In other words, people should only notice that you have undergone work if they were familiar with how you looked before your procedure. Your dentist can work with you to improve the color of your teeth, their size and shape, and their condition. After finding out what you want to change, your dentist can check on the condition of your teeth to see how to best make the improvements you are seeking.

Creating A Plan To Transform The Way You Look

After determining what you would like to do to improve your smile, and reviewing your current oral health, you and your dentist can discuss your cosmetic treatment options. If your goals involve fixing multiple issues, the right choice could be to have porcelain veneers placed. Your veneers will be slim, customized cosmetic restorations that cover the front of your teeth. In some cases, inlays or onlays may be used to hide superficial dental problems. If you have no concerns about the shape, size, or alignment of teeth, and just want them to be brighter, a professional teeth whitening treatment can make impressive changes while avoiding any permanent change to your tooth structure.

Restoring Problem Teeth Can Also Help You Address Oral Health Concerns

In the event you have a tooth, or several teeth, in need of more than just cosmetic support, your dentist can bring up dental crowns as a solution for your problems. Crowns call for more change to your tooth structure, as they cover the tooth above the gum line. With that said, they can match the look of your teeth, and give them better biting and chewing support. Our in-office dental lab can provide you with lifelike dental crowns in just one day, making this approach surprisingly convenient.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Undergoing Exciting Smile Changes

If you are excited by the idea of making big smile improvements, talk with Dr. Schwartz about cosmetic dental work! Our Manhattan dental practice can help you make great changes to your appearance through the right treatment, and our in-office dental lab can make that work surprisingly convenient for you. To find out more, schedule a consultation by reaching the office Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617, or by emailing