When you think about what you might want from prosthetic dental work, are you only focused on cosmetic improvements? A better smile can certainly be achieved from the placement of lifelike restorations, but the right approach to dental care can also have functional benefits that improve your quality of life. You can speak with your New York, NY dentist about using dental implants to hold a restoration firmly in place. This arrangement can make biting, chewing, and speaking more comfortable, as you will have valuable support to make up for the loss of your original teeth. You can also enjoy long-term support for the health of your jaw.

How Can A Dental Implant Improve My Experience With Prosthetic Dental Work?

Dental implants give dental restorations a degree of stability that can make them more effective for biting, chewing, and speaking. They can also make your experience with replacement teeth more comfortable, as they can enjoy the same kind of support your regular teeth enjoy thanks to the presence of your teeth roots. Over time, an implant will mimic the function of a natural tooth root. This support even benefits your jawbone, as the stimulation from an implant can signal the need for nutrient delivery to the bone.

Receiving A Lifelike Prosthetic That Can Dramatically Improve The Quality Of Your Smile

Your incomplete smile can be unattractive, which can put you in a state of discomfort with the way you look. You can also find it difficult to enjoy all of the foods you once enjoyed, as your bite function can be negatively impacted by your missing teeth. A dental bridge or dental crown can be held permanently by a dental implant, which is set directly in your jawbone. Your restoration is strong enough to stay in good condition for many years, even as you continue placing biting and chewing pressure on it. In addition to helping you with basic dental functions, your restoration can be a natural fit for your appearance, so you can feel better about smiling, and letting people see your teeth when you speak or laugh.

What To Expect Before And After Your Prosthetic Dental Work Is Completed

Before the process of planning your dental implant begins, your dentist will check on your oral health needs, and the health of your jaw, to make sure there are no issues. Patients will sometimes need restorative dental work before the implant placement can take place. Once you are approved for care, you and your dentist can discuss placement plans. Once that part of the process is complete, and you have enjoyed time to heal, you will return to have the appropriate custom prosthetic set on your implant. After this, you can go out and enjoy life with your restored smile!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving Dental Implants

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