Modern dental restorations can be perfectly sized for your tooth, and made to imitate your tooth structure. Because of this, you can count on your restorative dental work to provide real value for your appearance, in addition to delivering needed support for a vulnerable tooth. Your New York, NY dentist is ready to help patients deal with problems like tooth decay, dental damage, and teeth with naturally occurring flaws through the placement of a crown. Because our practice also features an in-house dental lab, you can have your custom crown in less time than you might expect!

When Would A Dental Crown Be Appropriate For Addressing Dental Trouble?

There are many different approaches your dentist can take to fixing problems with your smile. If you need treatment for tooth decay, you may only need a dental filling, which allows you to leave most of your tooth structure intact. If your goal is to fix a tooth that is healthy, but affected by cosmetic flaws, a veneer can help you while only covering the front of your tooth. A dental crown is used when a person’s tooth needs more support than a filling, inlay, or onlay can provide after restorative work, or when cosmetic problems also affect a tooth’s function. Your dentist can review your tooth, and determine whether this is the case before you move forward with a procedure.

Our In-Office Dental Lab Can Make The Creation And Placement Of A Crown More Convenient

Because we have an in-office lab to produce restorations, your crown can be ready in as little as one appointment. The process of making and placing a crown first involves a careful measuring of your tooth. Your dentist will make sure that your crown is the perfect size, so that it stays secure, and is comfortable. After this is done, your dentist can oversee the production of your lifelike restoration before placing it on your tooth. Because there is no need for a third party lab to create your crown, you can see exciting results in less time!

Your Dentist Can Find The Right Approach For Improving Your Smile

If you know you want to change something about your smile, but you are unsure of what needs to be done, a consultation can be useful to you. Your dentist can make an informed recommendation after hearing what your concerns are, and looking carefully at your smile.

Dr. Schwartz Can Offer A High Quality Dental Crown To Help You Restore A Problem Tooth

Dr. Schwartz is prepared to help people in the New York, NY area enjoy great smile care! Our practice can use our in-office dental lab to produce an attractive, durable restoration in order to protect your vulnerable tooth. To learn more, schedule a consultation by reaching the office Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617, or by emailing