Dental injuries can create a big concern for you – until you receive treatment, your smile can show signs of unsightly damage. Just one chipped or cracked tooth can seriously hurt your appearance, and make you self-conscious. You can also find yourself worrying about the condition of your tooth, and the risk that it might experience more trouble until it is treated. Fortunately, you can count on prompt care from your New York, NY dentist after a dental injury occurs. Our practice readily takes on people in need of emergency dental work. Because we have an in-house dental lab, we can provide you with the restoration you need in less time!

Providing A Same-Day Appointment After An Emergency

Dental injuries can be unattractive and alarming. They can also call for urgent attention. Your dentist is ready to help when an emergency jeopardizes your smile’s health. A same-day appointment can ensure that you can put an end to persistent discomfort, and have the condition of your tooth promptly reviewed. This can also lead to recovery in less time, so you are not stuck in a situation where you have to worry that a chip or crack in your tooth might worsen before you receive attention from your dentist.

Our In-House Lab Gives You Easier Access To Modern Restorations

We use an in-house dental lab to produce dental crowns and veneers that are customized for individual teeth. The convenience of an in-house lab can mean having work done sooner, so a tooth injury is no longer an active concern. This arrangement also allows your dentist the opportunity to oversee the creation of your restoration. With that oversight in place, you can count on the crown or veneer you receive to address your needs!

Providing The Right Solution To Your Smile Needs

How badly damaged is your tooth? Your dentist will assess how serious your injury is to determine what kind of restoration you need. When damage is serious enough to make the tooth weak, or likely to take on more harm, a dental crown can be used. Crowns provide lasting functional support, so you can keep your tooth safe while still placing biting and chewing pressure on it. If the injury is not so serious, a custom veneer can be crafted to cover the front of your tooth while leaving more of its natural structure intact.

Dr. Schwartz Is Ready To Help You After A Dental Emergency!

Hopefully, you will never need to rely on Dr. Jack Schwartz, or anyone else, for emergency dental work. With that said, you can count on Dr. Schwartz and our in-house dental lab to make quick work of your tooth injury, so you can restore your smile and oral health with minimal delay! To arrange a visit, call our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617 or email