Month: April 2019

Having Your Injured Tooth Restored Without A Difficult Delay

It seems reasonable to assume that someone with an injured tooth would like to spend the least amount of time possible without treatment. Your New York, NY dentist’s office is prepared to meet with you and provide care in the event that you suffer a dental emergency. This means your injured tooth will be reviewed,… Read more »

An On-Site Restoration Can Address Your Dental Emergency

How much work is really needed to address a dental emergency? After your tooth’s health is restored, how long will you have to wait to receive treatment to address the appearance of your tooth? Because your New York, NY dentist’s office has an in-house dental lab, you can actually have an emergency fully resolved in… Read more »

Restoring Your Injured Tooth Before An Important Event

When you have an important event coming up, you have some understandable concerns about your appearance. After all, you have an understandable incentive to look your best when you go to an important job interview, a class reunion, or other significant event. A dental injury in advance of these events can inspire serious panic. On… Read more »

Promptly Restoring Your Lovely Smile After A Dental Injury

You take care of your teeth, and you take pride in showing off a bright, lovely smile. Unfortunately, a dental injury can have a seemingly severe effect on the way you look. If you experience dental damage in an emergency situation, you can turn to your New York, NY dentist for support. Our practice is… Read more »

We Can Act Quickly To Address Your Dental Emergency!

Your New York, NY dentist is ready to take care of your if a dental emergency occurs. While this is hopefully not something you ever have to seek out, you should be aware that prompt treatment after an injury, or the onset of persistent pain, is available. Knowing that care is attainable can help you… Read more »