How much work is really needed to address a dental emergency? After your tooth’s health is restored, how long will you have to wait to receive treatment to address the appearance of your tooth? Because your New York, NY dentist’s office has an in-house dental lab, you can actually have an emergency fully resolved in less time than you might expect! Our practice can make sure your dental injury is fully addressed, then start work on creating your custom restoration. A lifelike dental crown can be produced by us, and used to restore your tooth’s appearance and function. This swift treatment can ensure your smile is restored before an upcoming event, and make sure you are not stuck relying on a temporary crown that can be a less than ideal fit.

Producing A Custom Crown Without A Delay

Why do people so often find themselves stuck waiting for their dental crown? Many dental offices rely on third party labs to construct restorations for them. This means there is a wait because your dentist has to send in information regarding the type, and size, of restoration needed, and an additional delay for it to be sent back to the practice. Our office has an in-house lab which can produce lifelike dental veneers and crowns without third party assistance, so your smile is restored without a frustrating wait!

Preparing A Crown In Response To A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can be upsetting even if you have no important events coming up. When you do have significant plans on your calendar, you can be understandably alarmed by the idea that you might have to attend something important with a smile flawed by your injury. Our practice is ready to deliver prompt emergency care to make sure the matter is fully addressed. You can schedule care on short notice, and have all necessary work completed without concern that your treatment will not be finished by the time that big event is taking place.

A Custom Restoration Can Be Attractive And Dependable

The right custom restoration can do more than just protect your smile. Your dentist will make sure that your restoration looks attractive, and that it matches the color of your surrounding teeth. That way, you can show off your restored smile with confidence, knowing that your appearance has not been altered by your crown!

Dr. Schwartz Can Provide With A Custom Restoration On Site

Dr. Schwartz is ready to help New York residents in need of urgent dental treatment. Our practice has equipment on site that can produce lifelike restorations, so you can look forward to emergency treatment that ends with your tooth being protected, and your smile preserved! To learn more about the many services we provide, call our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617, or emailĀ