You take care of your teeth, and you take pride in showing off a bright, lovely smile. Unfortunately, a dental injury can have a seemingly severe effect on the way you look. If you experience dental damage in an emergency situation, you can turn to your New York, NY dentist for support. Our practice is ready to help you deal with the oral health effects of an injury. We can also create an attractive restoration for you in a single appointment, thanks to the presence of our in-house dental lab, which we can use to create dental crowns and veneers.

Using Our In-House Lab To Provide You With An Attractive Restoration

Our in-house dental lab makes it possible to restore a person’s smile without a frustrating waiting period. Many practices will ask a person to wait for the creation of a restoration at a third party lab – in this scenario, you will not receive your permanent crown or veneer until someone else has crafted and shipped it. In addition to making your restoration more accessible, our in-house lab allows your dentist to oversee its creation, to ensure it suits your specific needs.

Dental Injuries Can Create More Than Just An Issue With The Way You Look

The cosmetic effect of a dental injury can be serious, and it can be worrying enough to send you promptly for dental care. What you should know is that dental emergencies should be taken seriously for more than just cosmetic reasons. An injured tooth can require treatment for internal problems that put your oral health in jeopardy. Before restoring your tooth’s appearance, your dentist can provide any necessary treatment, including a root canal, to ensure there are no lingering problems.

Addressing An Injury That Results In Tooth Loss

A particularly severe injury may do more than just damage a tooth – you could be seeking emergency treatment after tooth loss! When possible, your dentist preserve your natural tooth, and provide the appropriate restorative dental care to make sure it can safely remain in place. When this is just not possible, you can learn about the functional and cosmetic benefits of a dental implant-held restoration. With the implant supporting it, your prosthetic tooth can stay stable enough to be effective for biting and chewing.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Arranging Treatment For Your Dental Injury

Dr. Schwartz is ready to help people in and around the Manhattan area who find themselves needing urgent dental work. Because we have an in-office dental lab to create lifelike restorations, we can make sure your needs are promptly met when you suffer an injury that affects your tooth, or multiple teeth. If you would like to arrange a visit and learn more, please call our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617 or email