When you have an important event coming up, you have some understandable concerns about your appearance. After all, you have an understandable incentive to look your best when you go to an important job interview, a class reunion, or other significant event. A dental injury in advance of these events can inspire serious panic. On top of your immediate concerns over the condition of your tooth, you have to worry that your injury will affect how you look at your big event. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist is ready to provide you with a dental restoration made in-house, so you can restore your smile without an uncomfortable delay!

There’s Never A “Right” Time For A Dental Emergency…

Even when you have no significant events looming on your calendar, you can be less than thrilled to experience a dental emergency. Between the effect on your smile, and the effect on your oral health, a tooth injury can create big problems for you. Emergency dental services can provide you with the support you need without a waiting period. During your emergency appointment, your dentist can provide the appropriate restorative work for a tooth’s condition, and protect the tooth with a dental crown.

What To Expect From A Restoration Made In Our In-House Lab

A dental crown made with our in-house dental lab will be constructed to fit your smile perfectly. That means its size and color should match your needs, which can allow you to enjoy support for both your smile, and your oral health. The in-house lab also allows your dentist to check on the design of your restoration, rather than relying on the efforts a third party to create your crown.

Providing A Solution To Minor, But Unflattering, Dental Injuries

In addition to creating durable dental crowns that can support your oral health, our in-house lab can also create custom veneers. Veneers only occupy the front of teeth, while crowns completely cover teeth above the gum line. This more conservative treatment response can be effective when your injured tooth is unattractive, but still in good health.

Reach Out To Dr. Schwartz If You Need Treatment For An Injured Tooth

If you experience a dental injury and need to restore your appearance as soon as possible, you can be glad to know that Dr. Schwartz is prepared to deliver emergency treatment. Individuals in and around New York, NY can rely on prompt care, and an in-house restoration that provides functional and cosmetic support. In addition to urgent care, our practice provides a range of procedures you can schedule if you want to show off your best smile! If you would like to arrange a visit and learn more about our services, please call our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617, or email info@drjackschwartz.com.