Your New York, NY dentist is ready to take care of your if a dental emergency occurs. While this is hopefully not something you ever have to seek out, you should be aware that prompt treatment after an injury, or the onset of persistent pain, is available. Knowing that care is attainable can help you move through the steps of arranging it, rather than panicking over what to do. You can be happy to know that in addition to addressing the matter promptly, your dentist can make sure your tooth receives the appropriate restoration in less time thanks to our in-office dental lab.

We Understand The Importance Of Acting Quickly To Address A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can cause considerable pain and panic, especially when you are not sure what to do after one occurs. Our practice is ready to arrange same-day care so that your problem is dealt with. That means more than just putting a stop to pain. We can make sure your damaged tooth is treated with a durable and natural-looking restoration.

What Will It Take To Properly Address A Dental Emergency?

Your dentist will make sure your tooth has the appropriate care after an injury. If the injury affects the tooth’s overall health and function, restorative dental work will make sure it is healthy before securing your tooth with a dental crown. If the damage is only superficial, cosmetic dental work can address any problems your injury has created for your smile.

Unfortunately, it is possible for an injury to result in tooth loss, even if prompt care is received. You can discuss the appropriate solution in the form of prosthetic dental work. By placing your restoration on a dental implant, your dentist can give you lasting support for your smile work.

Our In-House Lab Can Provide You With A Restoration In Less Time

Our in-house dental lab can produce dental veneers and crowns on site, leading to same-day restorations for emergencies. You can be relieved to know that an unattractive chip or crack can be covered up without delay, so you will not have to go through an awkward period where your smile is marred by your injury.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Addressing Your Dental Emergency

Dr. Schwartz is ready to help people in and around the Manhattan area who are in need of emergency dental work. Our practice uses an in-house dental lab to produce restorations on site, so you can have your smile repaired without delay. If you have more questions about emergency services, or if you want to set up another dental procedure, let us know! To arrange a visit, call our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617 or email