There are some aspects of a dental emergency that will never be pleasant. After all, an emergency can involve serious discomfort, and potentially significant trouble for your smile. What you should be aware of is how accessible emergency oral health care can be, thanks to our New York, NY dental practice. You can rely on our office to promptly take care of a matter that affects you. This is because we are ready to make appointments with you on short notice deal with your problem, and because our practice is prepared to create in-house restorations to address an injury. So while a dental emergency can be a real problem, it is one that can be managed more easily – and in less time – than you might think possible.

1. You Can Arrange An Emergency Appointment When A Problem Occurs

Prompt access to quality dental care is important after an emergency occurs. After all, the sooner you receive treatment, the sooner you can put the effects of your emergency behind you. We can take on patients who have an urgent need for treatment after an emergency occurs, so that the time they spend in pain, and with visible smile problems, is limited.

2. The Right Restoration Can Address Damage, And Preserve Your Smile

There are several qualifications a restoration needs to meet to be considered the “right” restoration for your needs. If your tooth is injured badly enough to affect your oral health, your restoration will need to ensure that your tooth remains healthy, while still being capable of managing biting and chewing tasks. Even if the harm is only a superficial issue, you should expect a restoration to be a perfect fit for your tooth, and match the color of surrounding teeth. Our in-house lab can create custom dental crowns and dental veneers that perfectly fit the teeth they need to support. For a custom crown, your tooth will be kept safe from infection or further harm, and you can trust your restoration to deliver real support when you bite and chew. Your custom veneer can completely hide superficial damage, while making the tooth appear natural and healthy.

3. You Can Have A Restoration In One Visit, Thanks To Our In-Office Lab

Simply put, until your permanent restoration is placed, you can feel like your smile is still compromised by your dental emergency. This is why we are proud to make restorations available in as little as one appointment. Your oral health and cosmetic needs can be met with minimal delay, so you will not have to spend time worrying about the health of your tooth, or the way you look.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz If You Need An Emergency Dental Treatment

Dr. Schwartz is ready to quickly and completely address your dental emergency! Our practice can make sure you have all of your concerns addressed promptly when you suffer a dental injury, or need to do something about a persistent pain. For more information, you can contact our New York, NY dental office at 212-582-6617!