While losing a tooth can be a scary experience, you can count on quality emergency dental care from your New York, NY dentist’s office. The focus of your urgent care will be to save the tooth if possible, or make plans to replace the tooth if it cannot be restored. Because you can arrange treatment on short notice, the chances of saving a tooth are higher. To make sure it is properly protected, you may need a restoration for it, or for any other teeth that were also affected by your injury. Our practice produces dental crowns made in our in-house lab, so you can have your work finished in less time!

Is It Really Possible To Save A Tooth After It Has Been Knocked Out?

There are several factors that can affect whether it will be possible to save your tooth. Because there is only a limited time where the tooth can be saved, having access to prompt treatment makes this outcome more likely. With that said, even if you are able to promptly see your dentist, there is a chance that the tooth’s condition will be a concern. In the event that your tooth is simply not in sufficient condition to be saved, your dentist can talk to you about placing a lifelike prosthetic restoration.

Arranging Care To Make Sure Your Smile Is Fully Restored

For any dental emergency, the goal will be to return your smile to good health, while also addressing any cosmetic dental concerns. After an initial evaluation of your condition at your emergency treatment, your dentist can talk to you about what your best treatment course might be. In any case, the right treatment can ensure that you show off a complete smile that looks natural, attractive, and healthy!

Our In-House Dental Lab Provides Restorations In Just One Appointment

Because we have a dental lab on site, we can produce dental crowns and porcelain veneers on short notice. This can be welcome news if you have a problem with your smile that occurs before an important event, as you can have the problem addressed with minimal delay! Our lab produces restorations that are durable, custom-sized, and attractive, so you can feel confident about the work that is completed.

Schedule Emergency Care With Dr. Schwartz After You Lose A Tooth

Emergency dental treatment with Dr. Schwartz can lead to a full recovery that addresses your oral health, and your appearance. In addition to delivering urgent care to patients in and around the New York, NY area, we can also provide regular services that will help you preserve your best smile. If you have questions for us, or if you are ready to set up an appointment, you can reach Dr. Schwartz by calling our New York dental office at 212-582-6617!