What can you do if you start to experience a strong toothache, or suffer dental trauma, before an important event? A problem with your oral health, or your smile, can feel like a nuisance in the best of circumstances. When a problem feels particularly inconvenient, you can feel real panic over your dental emergency. Fortunately, you can reach out to your New York, NY dentist’s office for urgent care. Our practice can actually make sure your smile needs are met in less time thanks to our in-office dental lab. By relying on our in-house lab for custom dental restoration, we can make sure your oral health needs are fully managed without a frustrating waiting period!

Our In-House Lab Makes Emergency Dental Work More Convenient

By using our in-office lab to produce custom dental crowns and veneers, we can reduce the amount of time you have to wait to have a tooth problem managed. This can cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting on the full resolution if you seek care for a dental emergency. While emergencies are never something you might consider “convenient,” you can find that an in-house restoration can significantly reduce the inconvenience of an injury or toothache.

The Process Of Creating A Single-Visit Restoration

Your one-visit restoration can be designed to suit your needs, and fit your tooth, with minimal delay. After assessing the needs of a tooth, and determining whether a dental crown or dental veneer might be appropriate for damage, your dentist can move forward with measuring the tooth, and preparing it for its restoration. Once the information is gathered, it will be used to design a custom crown or veneer that will be put in place during your appointment.

You Can Count On Lasting Support From Your In-House Restoration

An in-house restoration helps you avoid short-term issues that might arise after a dental injury. After all, you will not have to worry about spending time with a temporary restoration, or waiting around for your permanent restoration to come from a third party lab. You can be glad to know that your veneer and crown can offer more than just short-term convenience, as these products are designed to last. Once your restoration is placed, you should feel confident in your ability to bite and chew, and you can rely on that support for many years!

Dr. Schwartz Can Provide You With A Permanent Restoration In One Appointment!

Dr. Schwartz is ready to help you take on a dental emergency! For superficial and serious injuries, our practice is ready to provide support with in-house restorations! To learn more about the availability of emergency care, or to schedule an appointment at our practice, call our dental office in New York today at 212-582-6617, or email info@drjackschwartz.com.