Who should you turn to after an injury hurts your smile, or an issue with dental discomfort intrudes on your life? Our New York, NY dental office can make sure you have your needs met if you find yourself in need of emergency dental care. The first step will involve examining your smile, and making sure the problem you are facing is addressed. After taking care of this, we can talk to you about the appropriate restorative dental work, which can ensure that your smile stays healthy, and looks good. We can actually make sure that your work is completed in less time than you might think possible, as we use an in-house dental lab to create custom restorations!

1. You Can Have Your Needs Promptly Addressed

Because we accept emergency dental appointments, we can make sure that your needs are addressed as soon as possible. This means that a matter can be resolved sooner, so you are not stuck waiting around in pain for treatment. It also reduces the possibility that an issue with an infected or injured tooth might worsen over time, and create new complications. This quick access to treatment is particularly useful for anyone who has lost a tooth, as your odds of having it placed successfully are improved!

2. We Use Our In-House Lab To Provide Custom Restorations

Instead of making you wait on a third party dental lab for any custom restorations you might need after an emergency, we can create them using our in-house lab! Everything from the measurement of your teeth, to the work needed to prepare you to receive your restoration, to the creation and placement of a restoration, can be done at our practice. This can be especially welcome news for those who have an important event coming up, and need their smile to look its best as soon as possible.

3. Any Problems With Your Smile And Oral Health Can Be Fully Managed

You may need serious restorative dental work to properly address an emergency. Fortunately, we are prepared to restore an injured or an infected tooth at our practice, and place the restoration you need. We can also help you if you lose a tooth that cannot be replaced. If this happens to you, we can talk to you about using a dental implant to keep your restoration fixed in place, so that your appearance and dental function are not compromised by the presence of a prosthetic.

Dr. Schwartz Is Ready To Take Care Of You During A Dental Emergency

Dr. Schwartz understands that dental emergencies can be painful, and frightening. Our New York, NY dental office is ready to help you manage your emergency promptly, and we can make sure your smile is not altered by your incident. To learn more about us, or to make an appointment with Dr. Schwartz, please call our practice at 212-582-6617!