It can be difficult to keep your spirits up after you injure your tooth, or start to experience a painful toothache. While your discomfort can be an obvious problem, you can be relieved to know that impressive care is available to you from your New York, NY dentist’s office, and in less time than you might think possible! Our practice makes emergency dental treatments available to people who need prompt work done. With our in-house lab, we can actually produce lifelike restorations that are important for your treatment at our office, so there is not a delay between your initial work, and the placement of your dental crown or veneer!

Can I Really Receive Same-Day Treatment For A Dental Injury?

For people who find themselves in urgent need of care, same-day dental work is available. Our practice can bring you in for work after you suffer an injury, or if you have a problem with lingering pain that you are not able to explain. We can do everything possible to save your tooth if it is knocked out or loosened, and we can make sure a visible injury is addressed so that your smile is not changed for the worse.

Restoring An Injured Tooth With A Restoration Made In-House

The proper restorative dental work can lead to more than just oral health improvements. Your dentist creates attractive, dependable restorations that are able to hide signs of trauma, which means you will be able to show off your smile with confidence after treatment. We have the technology on site that is needed to make your crown or veneer, so that your tooth is treated in as little as one appointment!

Emergency Dental Care Can Provide Lasting Support For Your Injured Tooth

You can count on prompt service after a dental emergency. You can be happy to know that while your work can be completed in a short time, you can rely on the restoration you receive for many years! Our crowns and veneers are designed to support you, even as you continue to practice regular biting and chewing activities. Being able to bite and chew naturally will be important – a change in your dental function can make it harder for you to protect yourself against TMJ dysfunction, and can lead to more wear and tear on remaining teeth.

Dr. Schwartz Is Ready To Offer Emergency Dental Care For Patients

Dr. Schwartz is prepared to help patients who find themselves in urgent need of dental work! At our practice, we offer prompt emergency care, and we can use our in-house lab to create a natural-looking, dependable restoration in just one appointment. If you have questions about the services we offer, or if you want to make an appointment, you can reach our New York, NY dental practice by calling 212-582-6617.