While many dental practices are able to offer attractive and durable cosmetic dental work, that work can have a frustrating waiting period attached to it, as their restorations are created at another location. You can also be stuck in an awkward situation where you have to wait and find out if the third party responsible for creating your restoration has done an effective job. At our New York, NY dental practice, we can provide you with custom dental veneers made from our in-house lab! In addition to making the process of improving your appearance more convenient, this allows your dentist to oversee the crafting of your veneers, so that their quality can be ensured!

How Veneers Improve A Person’s Smile

If you want to do something that will make your smile more attractive, veneers can certainly help! These specially made restorations are placed over the front of your teeth – while they occupy a minimal amount of space, they can make some terrific changes to the way you look. Your treatment can lead to your smile looking whiter, it can help you cover up minor dental damages, and it can even help you hide some issues with poor dental alignment!

The Benefits Of Crafting Your Custom Veneers At Our Office

To put it simply, your cosmetic work can take less time when there is no need to wait on a third party before your treatment can be completed. Modern technology at our office allows us to design custom veneers, or custom dental crowns, then have them produced on site. These restorations are highly lifelike, and remarkably durable. Once they are placed, you can be enthusiastic about showing off your smile, and you can be confident that with the right care, your better smile will last for many years!

What Can I Expect From My Veneers After I Receive Them?

If someone does a poor job taking care of their teeth on a daily basis, you would expect their smile to show the consequences over time. Conversely, effective oral health habits can help someone keep their teeth in top shape. When you have veneers placed, you should keep in mind that smart daily habits can be important for sustaining your cosmetic smile improvements. In addition to doing a good job with brushing and flossing, and limiting products that might cause stains, you should keep up with regular dental exams. At every visit, your dentist can check out the condition of your veneers.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving Your Custom, Lab-Made Veneers!

At our New York, NY dental office, we can provide you with custom dental veneers in less time, thanks to our in-house lab! If you have questions about veneers, or if you want to know more about the benefits of our in-house lab, you can reach our practice by calling 212-582-6617!