A cavity’s effect on your tooth can be serious – any damage you suffer will be permanent, and letting a cavity continue to grow can lead to notable complications. For other dental practices, a cavity that requires a dental crown can require multiple appointments to fully address. Because our New York, NY dental practice is able to craft custom crowns in our in-house lab, we can actually shorten your treatment. In fact, our access to an on-site lab means that your dentist can place the restoration in less time, and watch over its creation to ensure that it is the right look and fit for you. While it can be difficult to ever call a cavity “convenient,” we can make the process of restoring your tooth simpler than you might have thought possible!

The Role A Restoration Is Meant To Play In A Cavity Treatment

Even a small cavity can cause permanent damage to your tooth structure, and require the placement of a restoration. While you can be less than thrilled to discover that you need work done on your smile, you can be relieved to know that the dental fillings and dental crowns supplied at our practice can offer support without changing your appearance. Our dental fillings are made from composite resin, which can blend in with – and bond to – your enamel. Our dental crowns made in-house are crafted with durable, natural-looking ceramic. Because of this, you can happily show off your crown when you smile, as it can match the look of your natural teeth!

How Our In-House Lab Can Make The Process Of Crafting Your Crown Easier

Dental crowns offered at other practices are often produced in third party labs. This creates several potential hurdles between a patient, and their completed dental work. One problem is that the dentist is not able to oversee the development of the crown, which means they cannot check to confirm the restoration is being developed with your needs considered. This also creates a frustrating waiting period where another facility is responsible for color-matching your crown, and must send it over to your dentist before it can be placed. At our practice, the crowns we produce are made in-house, so your dentist can monitor its development, and provide it to you without a frustrating delay!

Using Our Lab-Made Crowns To Help Deal With A Dental Emergency

Our in-house lab can make the process of addressing a dental emergency easier! We can make sure that a badly hurt tooth is properly treated, and supplied with a custom restoration without frustrating delays. As a result, you will not have to worry about untreated damage being a problem for your appearance, or find yourself waiting in discomfort for your treatment to be completed.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving A Custom Crown Made In Our In-House Lab

Thanks to our in-house lab, our New York, NY dental practice can complete your cavity treatment in less time than you might expect! To learn more about the benefits of an in-office lab, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Schwartz, please call our practice at 212-582-6617!