While your goal should be to avoid issues that call for a dental restoration, problems sometimes arise that will call for treatment. Even if you make a great effort to keep your smile cavity-free, you can wind up in need of treatment after chipping or cracking a tooth. You can also find yourself interested in having cosmetic dental work performed in order to feel more confident with your appearance. At our New York, NY dental office, we can produce custom-made restorations that can help you feel great about your smile! Because we produce these restorations at our in-house lab, they can be ready in less time, and your dentist can oversee all the steps in their production.

Our In-House Lab Makes Dental Work More Convenient

If you need to do something about an injured tooth, or if you are eager to show off the improvements that cosmetic dental work can provide for your appearance, you can be understandably impatient for your results. At other practices, your restoration will have to be produced at a third party lab. This creates a gap of time where the restoration has to be constructed remotely, and sent to your dentist. At this point – assuming the restoration is the right color, shape, and size – your treatment can be completed. Because we use an in-house lab to make dental crowns and dental veneers, we can cut down on the time you have to wait to have your restoration ready!

Your Dentist Can Directly Oversee The Creation Of Your Custom Crown Or Veneer

A custom restoration needs to be just the right shape, just the right size, and just the right size to be “properly” constructed. Since your restoration is developed at our office, your dentist can oversee its construction and ensure that it is properly developed. This can be welcome news to anyone who has gone in for restorative dental work, only to learn that the restoration is not properly designed for them!

Providing Work That Can Fully Restore Your Smile

Our goal during dental work is for you to be thrilled with your smile at the end of your procedure! If you want to do something about your smile flaws, or if you need to do something about your oral health, we want you to feel as though your smile needs have been fully addressed. The right dental crown can provide a better bite function, while also keeping your tooth safe from harm. With cosmetic veneers, all of your concerns about the color, shape, or size of flawed teeth can be addressed!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving Your Lifelike Restoration

If you want to do something to improve your smile, or if you need treatment for your oral health, talk to Dr. Schwartz! Because we use an in-office lab to produce lifelike restorations, we can make your treatment experience more convenient, while ensuring you have results that you are excited by! For more information about our practice, please call our New York, NY dental office at 212-582-6617!