There are several reasons a person should dread experiencing a dental injury. While the inconvenience of this issue may not be as upsetting as the pain, or the potential impact on your smile, you can certainly feel upset at the time required to properly address dental trauma. With that said, you may be happy to hear that the amount of time needed to restore your tooth after an injury may be less than you are anticipating. At our New York, NY dental office, we have an in-house dental lab that can produce the restoration needed to address your hurt tooth. Thanks to this technology, we can restore your smile after a dental emergency in as little as one appointment!

We Can Provide Care For You On Short Notice

While restorative dental work is often performed to deal with tooth decay, a procedure can also be performed when your enamel is damaged by physical injury. Our practice is committed to making sure our patients have access to prompt care in a situation where unexpected trauma happens. When you reach out for treatment, we will attempt to have you in the chair and undergoing work promptly – we can even arrange same-day treatments!

What Our In-House Lab Can Do For You When You Need Emergency Work

We use modern technology to produce dental crowns and dental veneers at our office. Because of this, we can have a damaged tooth restored with minimal delay, so you will not have to worry about whether treatment can be completed before an important event. The lab in our office can produce lifelike restorations, so you will not have to be concerned that your tooth will appear unnatural after work is done.

What Can Happen If You Delay Treatment For An Emergency?

Hopefully, you already understand the importance of acting quickly in response to a dental emergency. However, some people may try to convince themselves that a matter is not as urgent as it really is. If you ignore something like dental trauma, or persistent discomfort, you can allow an issue with your tooth to worsen. You also increase the risk that you might damage the tooth further, leading to the loss of more of your healthy tooth structure.

Dr. Schwartz Can Provide Quality Care On Short Notice

While we certainly hope you never need to seek out emergency dental care, you should know that Dr. Schwartz is prepared to provide urgent treatment to people in and around the Manhattan area! We can bring you in promptly for care, and use in-office technology to produce a lifelike restoration that can be counted on to properly protect your tooth. If you have questions about our emergency services, or any other services that we provide, please let us know! You can set up an appointment with Dr. Schwartz by calling 212-582-6617!