When you look at a chipped or cracked tooth in your smile, you can feel distressed over the situation you are in – in addition to physical pain, you have to worry about the cosmetic effect of your dental trauma. It is important to schedule restorative dental work when a tooth is injured like this as soon as possible. You can be relieved to know that you can receive prompt care at our New York, NY dental practice. We are prepared to provide dental work in an emergency situation. Because we have an in-house lab we use to create dental restorations, we can even make sure your tooth is restored in less time than you might think possible!

Emergency Care For Physical Tooth Damage

Emergency work after a tooth injury can address your discomfort, protect your tooth against infection, and restore the look of your smile. We are prepared to help our patients when they suffer a chipped or cracked tooth, or experience any other problem that might call for urgent treatment. Because our restorations are created by our in-house lab, and not by a third party, we can actually have a dental crown or dental veneer ready to place on your tooth within a single appointment!

Ignoring Dental Trauma Can Make Matters Worse

While you might prefer to avoid dental work, you should know that if you try to ignore an injury that leaves your tooth chipped or cracked, you can wind up making matters worse. Even if you are not in pain after your injury, you should have a tooth looked at, so your dentist can determine if there is a chance that the damage might worsen over time. Having your ability to bite and chew compromised by an injury can make you uncomfortable, and that change can also lead to problems with your jaw joints.

What Happens If My Tooth Is Too Injured To Save?

Even in a situation where you have access to prompt dental care, there may be no way to save a seriously injured tooth. While replacing the tooth is a last resort, you should know that you can receive a replacement that supports your smile, and your bite. A dental implant can hold your restoration, so it stays stable and comfortable. You can be glad to know that while your original tooth is lost, your smile and dental function can be preserved.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz To Arrange Emergency Work For An Injured Tooth

If you chip or crack your tooth, you can be relieved to have access to emergency dental care with Dr. Schwartz. Our practice offers important services in an emergency, and we can use our in-house dental lab to provide you with a restoration in less time than you might think possible. For more information on our practice, and what we can do for you, contact our New York, NY office at 212-582-6617!