Why should you worry about where your dental restoration is made? Dental practices often assign the crafting of dental crowns and veneers to third party labs. This can result in you receiving an attractive and lifelike restoration…eventually. You will have to wait for that lab to finish their work, and then for the restoration to arrive at your dentist’s office, before you can complete the treatment of a tooth. If there are any problems with the veneer or crown, your dentist will not be able to spot them until it arrives at their office. At our New York, NY dental practice, we rely on an in-house lab to produce restorations for our patients! This means your dentist can oversee this work, and that your smile can be restored in as little as one appointment!

1. A Dental Procedure Can Be Completed In Less Time When An In-House Lab Is Used!

If you are having cosmetic dental work done, or if you need to have an unhealthy tooth restored, you likely want your work completed in the shortest time possible. Because we rely on an in-house lab to produce restorations used in this work, we can have your treatment completed in as little as one appointment, so your smile can be ready in time for any upcoming events.

2. Patients Receive Restorations That Are Lifelike, And Custom-Sized

We can make sure that the crown or dental veneer you receive from our in-house lab is the ideal size, and has the right look for your smile. Having a lab on site allows your dentist to check on every step of a restoration’s creation. You can look forward to quality work that benefits your smile, and provides the right level of functional support.

3. We Can Respond Quickly During A Dental Emergency

Not every trip to the dentist’s office is planned in advance. If you wind up in a situation where you need emergency dental care, you can be glad to have access to a practice where restorations can be crafted in less time! We can make sure your smile is properly treated after an injury, and see to it that your appearance is restored with minimal delay.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving A Restoration From Our In-House Dental Lab

At our Manhattan dental practice, Dr. Schwartz can offer lab-made restorations produced at our office! This can shorten your treatment time for cosmetic or restorative work. It can also ensure that your dentist is able to observe every step of your restoration’s creation. If you need dental work done, if you have questions about your oral health, or if you just need to set up a routine appointment, we are here to help! To reach our dental office in New York, NY, please call 212-582-6617!