When you have the chance to make big improvements to your smile, you can be eager to see those improvements as soon as possible! Because our New York, NY dental practice relies on an in-house lab to craft lifelike restorations on site, we can actually deliver results from dental work in less time than you might think possible. Our house-made dental veneers and dental crowns can enable us to complete a person’s treatment in as little as one appointment. As a result, you can cut out a frustrating wait to have the kind of cosmetic dental improvements that make you thrilled with your smile!

Should You Consider Cosmetic Dental Work?

When is cosmetic dental work recommended, and what could you expect from a procedure? Cosmetic dentistry helps people who are concerned about the quality of their smile. Different treatments can help resolve a range of concerns about the appearance of your teeth. Services include treatment for dental discoloration, as well as care to address problems with dental damage, wear and tear, and any other problem that might affect the shape of certain teeth.

Receiving Veneers Made From Our In-House Lab

With porcelain veneers, it is possible to dramatically restore a person’s smile, or create the kind of smile improvement that makes them more confident than ever! Veneers are custom-made to fit over specific teeth. The properly designed restoration can help you improve the color of a tooth, address damages like chips and cracks, and even hide some alignment flaws. It is hard to overstate the importance of having an accurately shaped and sized veneer when it comes to producing successful work. Because our veneers are made on site, your dentist will be able to oversee their creation, and make sure you have the exact restorations you need to see your ideal smile. This means that in addition to making cosmetic work more convenient, our in-house lab can help you avoid frustrating delays that you might encounter at a dental practice that relies on restorations from third party labs.

We Can Also Create Dental Crowns To Restore Problem Teeth

The condition of your teeth may call for more than just veneers if you want to restore your smile. While veneers are capable of making big changes to your appearance, they are not designed to correct oral health issues, or improve your bite function. Fortunately, our lab can also be used to craft crowns that are able to provide restorative and cosmetic benefits. If your dentist feels that you could use more than just cosmetic support, crowns can help you achieve your smile goals while also dealing with worrying problems with your oral health!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving Smile-Friendly Restorations

People in and around the Manhattan area can enjoy quality dental work from Dr. Schwartz! Because our patients can enjoy restorations made from our in-house lab, they can see results in little time, and they can be amazed at the improvements a treatment can offer! To find out more, please call our New York, NY dental practice at 212-582-6617!