Dental damage can create problems for your oral health and appearance that you definitely do not want to ignore! Depending on how severe the damage is, you may need to schedule emergency dental care to manage the matter. Even if the problem does not feel like an urgent concern, you can be understandably unhappy to have a visible chip or crack that disrupts your smile. At our New York, NY dental office, our in-house dental lab is able to produce restorations that can provide relief from problems concerning dental damage! In addition to providing a custom dental crown or veneer developed with your dentist’s oversight, you can have a restoration that is ready for you in as little as one appointment!

We Can Help You Regain Your Attractive Smile By Addressing Damage

Dental damage can create a permanent problem for your smile. Even a chip or crack that seems relatively minor is enough to leave your appearance out of balance, and an untreated injury can affect how others perceive you. The idea of dealing with this frustration, even in the short-term, can be decidedly unpleasant. Fortunately, you can have your smile improved in a short time thanks to our in-house restorations!

What Can You Expect From An In-House Restoration?

Because our in-house dental lab is responsible for producing our custom restorations, our patients can enjoy convenient and attractive dental work! If you visit a practice that relies on a third party lab for their dental veneers or crowns, you have to wait for the restoration to be crafted. You also have to worry about the quality of what you receive, as your dentist will not be present to oversee its creation. At our practice, we create crowns and veneers on site, so your dentist can observe the work, and ensure it is the right look, and size.

Making Sure You Have The Right Treatment For Your Dental Damage

Before moving forward with treatment, Dr. Schwartz will carefully examine your tooth to see what kind of care you require. Not all dental injuries have the same effect. If you have a superficial chip or crack in your tooth, you may be fine with cosmetic dental work. However, if the harm done to your tooth is serious enough to affect your oral health, you can receive important restorative dental work to resolve a threat to your well-being before your tooth is restored with a crown.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Having Your Dental Damage Treated With An In-House Restoration

Our New York, NY dental office has an in-house dental lab that we can use to create custom restorations, and restore dental injuries! If you have questions about our in-house restorations, or if you are looking to do something about dental damage, you can set up a meeting with Dr. Schwartz by calling us at 212-582-6617!