If you want a quality dental restoration, are you stuck waiting on a third party lab to mail a custom dental crown or veneer to your dentist? While many people accept that there will be a delay in their smile treatment, our New York, NY dental office can actually complete your work in less time thanks to our in-house dental lab! Because we have the technology required to produce restorations on site, we can have your smile improved in as little as one appointment. This also makes it possible for your dentist to oversee the design and construction of your crown or veneer, to ensure that it will be just the right shape, size, and color for you.

Our In-House Lab Can Create A Custom Dental Restoration For You

Does it really matter that your restoration is custom-made? In order to provide proper support, and to ensure that your work looks attractive, a crown or veneer should be designed based on the shape and size of your tooth, and based on the color of surrounding teeth. At other practices, custom dental work has to be provided by a third party lab. What makes us different is that the lab we use is located at our practice, making the process of taking care of your smile more convenient.

Different Circumstances That Can Call For A Restoration

Patients find themselves in need of dental work under different circumstances. You may be in need of a dental crown because of an oral health emergency that leaves you with an injured tooth. You could also require a dental crown because of a cavity that is too severe to make a dental filling an acceptable restoration. In other cases, people want to have cosmetic dental work done in order to improve their smile. With veneers made at our dental lab, you can make teeth look brighter, healthier, and younger by hiding problems with discoloration, minor dental damage, and even naturally occurring shape or size issues.

A Custom Veneer Or Crown Can Provide Long-Term Improvements

While our lab-made restorations are convenient, they are still up to the challenges that your natural teeth face. In other words, veneers and crowns that we provide can maintain their appearance and condition over many years, even as they continue to absorb biting and chewing pressures. Because of this, you can preserve the results of a procedure, and continue to smile with confidence!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving A Restoration From Our In-House Lab

At our New York, NY dental office, Dr. Schwartz is prepared to provide fantastic dental care! If you are interested in restoring a tooth with a dental crown or veneer, technology in our office makes it possible to have your work done in less time! If you would like to learn more, please call 212-582-6617 to make an appointment with Dr. Schwartz.