While our New York, NY dental office is ready to help you take care of a dental emergency, we hope you never have to request urgent care for your smile! Of course, while people would generally prefer to avoid any kind of dental problem, it is still important to know that you have access to care if one arises. Thanks to our in-house dental lab, it is possible for us to craft a lifelike restoration for an injured tooth on site. This can shorten your treatment time, and ensure that you receive an appropriate restoration after the incident occurs. For injuries that impact your tooth’s health and ability to offer biting and chewing support, we can provide durable dental crowns that imitate natural teeth. We also provide custom veneers for minor damages that only result in cosmetic dental concerns.

Restoring Your Smile After An Injury

An injury that affects your smile can certainly be upsetting. You can be distraught to see how a chip or crack in a tooth has impacted your smile. Of course, you can also experience significant pain during an emergency. We are prepared to see you on short notice, and make sure your needs are appropriately met at our practice. Our goal is to have your work completed, and your smile successfully restored, in less time than you might think possible!

Taking Care Of An Injured Tooth With An In-House Restoration

Why do we offer restorations made from our in-house lab? Having direct access to the lab where our veneers and crowns are produced will allow your dentist to oversee every step in the creation of your restoration. As a result, you can look forward to receiving protection for your tooth that delivers the cosmetic and functional value that you are depending on. This access also makes it easier for us to provide full treatment in a shorter time. You can have your smile successfully restored in the course of your emergency visit, so your issues will not intrude on your life!

Our In-House Lab Can Also Help With Planned Cosmetic And Restorative Treatments

In addition to making emergency dental care more convenient, we can use our in-house lab during planned cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. You can count on us to provide lifelike restorations during these procedures in a shorter time. This work can be convenient, but it is also effective at giving you lasting smile improvements!

Patients Can Count On Dr. Schwartz During A Dental Emergency!

At our New York, NY dental office, Dr. Schwartz is able to provide quality dental work in emergency situations! If you have questions about our emergency treatments, or if you need to see someone about a dental injury, we are ready to help. You can learn more about us, or schedule an appointment, by calling our New York dental practice at 212-582-6617!