How much good can a single dental appointment really do for your smile? At our New York, NY dental office, we can produce stunning cosmetic improvements that you are excited to show off in the span of a single day, thanks to our in-house dental lab! All of the technology we need to plan, design, and produce custom dental veneers is available at our practice. Because of this, we can complete cosmetic dental work for you without a frustrating delay. Veneers are able to make significant improvements to a person’s appearance, as they can cover up multiple superficial flaws with their placement.

Dental Veneers Can Make Amazing Smile Improvements

With porcelain veneers, it becomes possible to fix an array of frustrating flaws through a single procedure. Once they are put in place, your veneers can hide wear and tear that make your teeth look older, misshapen, or just less healthy. These restorations can also be an effective solution for a smile affected by chips or cracks. In some cases, patients will actually receive veneers to help them deal with dental discoloration. In situations where teeth are discolored by something other than enamel stains, they can be a beneficial alternative to teeth whitening treatment.

Our Dental Lab Can Make Your Cosmetic Procedure More Convenient

Our in-house dental lab is capable of producing attractive, durable, carefully sized restorations on site, so we do not have to rely on a third party dental lab for support. This can make treatments more convenient, as it eliminates frustrating waiting periods that often hold up smile care. It also means your dentist will be able to oversee the different steps taken in the course of crafting veneers and dental crowns. Thanks to this oversight, you can be more confident that the restoration you receive will be the ideal one for your tooth.

The Goal For Cosmetic Dental Work? Long-Lasting Smile Improvements

The veneers we produce at our practice are meant to make exciting changes to the way you look, and to provide you with results that appear natural. Our aim is also to make sure that those results last for many years. While your daily oral health habits can affect the lifespan of cosmetic work, the restorations we provide are durable enough to maintain their shape and color for many years, which means you can continue to show off a fantastic smile!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving Veneers Crafted At Our Dental Lab!

At our New York, NY dental office, patients can look forward to dental work from Dr. Schwartz that is convenient, dependable, and long-lasting! We use an in-office dental lab to produce quality dental crowns and veneers, which can be used to make amazing improvements for your smile. To find out more, please call our dental practice at 212-582-6617!