At our New York, NY dental practice, patients can look forward to receiving restorations that are custom-made for their teeth, and designed to provide lifelike appearances that protect the way someone looks. For individuals who need cavity treatment, or for those who experience dental damage, we can provide durable dental crowns that fit comfortably, and closely imitate your enamel. What you can be particularly excited to know is that we have an in-house dental lab we use to craft these restorations. Because of this, you can have your dental work completed in as little as one appointment, so your oral health and smile issues are completely resolved with minimal delay!

Why We Use An In-House Lab To Produce Restorations

In-house dental restorations provide patients with custom, dependable support for vulnerable teeth without a frustrating waiting period. Other practices have to rely on third party labs to complete the work of crafting their dental crowns, which means you have to put up with a delay before your restorative dental work is complete. An in-house lab also allows your dentist to oversee the creation of your crown directly, so you can feel more confident that you have the right restoration when it is time to complete work on your tooth.

Undergoing Restorative Dental Work At Our Practice

We believe in providing modern oral health services in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. If you come to us with a possible cavity, or in need of emergency dental work for an injury, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible while completing your treatment in the shortest time possible. For those in need of restorative dental work, we provide ceramic crowns made in-house, which are strong enough to support your bite function. Preserving your bite is important, as an awkward bite can lead to excessive wear and tear on your other teeth, and a higher risk for TMJ dysfunction.

We Can Also Use Our Lab To Create Cosmetic Restorations!

Our in-house lab can also be used to create custom dental veneers! Veneers are often used in cosmetic dental procedures, as they minimize the amount of work needed on your healthy tooth structure. When put in place on the front of a tooth, a veneer can make your smile more attractive by hiding discoloration, superficial damage, or congenital issues with the shape or size of a tooth.

Dr. Schwartz Can Provide A Durable, Lifelike Dental Crown For Your Problem Tooth

At our New York, NY dental practice, patients can count on Dr. Schwartz to provide quality dental care that is convenient, dependable, and attractive! Because we have an in-house dental lab for our crowns and veneers, we can often complete smile work in just one appointment! If you would like more information, please call our New York dental office at 212-582-6617!