Month: October 2019

Restoring Your Dental Health With An In-House Crown

A problem with a tooth affected by decay, or physical trauma, can create several concerns for you. When a problem occurs, you can have a more difficult time biting and chewing, and you may feel uncomfortable with the way visible dental problems affect the way you look. At our New York, NY dental practice, we… Read more »

We Reduce Treatment Time By Using An In-House Dental Lab

If you are looking into restorative or cosmetic dental services, you can be understandably eager to have your work completed in the shortest time possible. If you are in a situation where you need to address a problem with the condition or health of a tooth, waiting to finish care can mean putting up with… Read more »

Our In-House Lab Can Make Urgent Care More Convenient

It can be difficult to imagine a situation where a dental emergency might be considered “convenient.” With that said, our New York, NY dental office can ensure that you have the care you require in less time, so your oral health concern’s impact on your life is limited. We can help you recover your smile… Read more »

How Our In-House Lab Reduces Time Needed For Smile Care

If you are looking forward to improving your smile through cosmetic dental work, or if you have an issue with a tooth in need of restorative care, you can be eager to see your results as soon as possible. Many practices require delays because they need to have their restorations made with third-party labs, meaning… Read more »

Our Lab-Made Restorations Can Help Your Bite, And Your Smile

Patients seek out dental restorations for different reasons. If you have a healthy smile, but feel it does not look its best, cosmetic dental treatment can take care of the smile flaws that make you feel self-conscious. For someone who has problems with biting and chewing, or a concern about tooth decay, restorative dental work… Read more »