It can be difficult to imagine a situation where a dental emergency might be considered “convenient.” With that said, our New York, NY dental office can ensure that you have the care you require in less time, so your oral health concern’s impact on your life is limited. We can help you recover your smile after an injury in less time because we receive our dental restorations from our in-office dental lab. This allows us to craft dental crowns and dental veneers without relying on a third party lab. In addition to giving your dentist the ability to oversee the crafting of your restoration, you will not have to go to a second location to complete treatment, or wait for a third party to deliver your appliance!

You Don’t Have To Wait On A Third Party Lab To Craft Your Restoration

Waiting for a third party lab to complete your dental crown or veneer can be frustrating. It can be even more frustrating to discover that the restoration they provide is not quite right…leading to yet another delay in your smile being fully treated. Because we use an in-office dental lab, your dentist can oversee every step of a restoration’s creation, receive it in less time, and make sure it is right for your smile. This can make the entire process of dealing with a dental emergency easier, and quicker.

Taking Care Of An Injured Tooth With A Crown

The appropriate restorative dental work can ensure that your injured tooth is protected, and capable of providing biting and chewing support for you. In order to help you after dental damage, your dentist can provide a custom dental crown that looks like your natural tooth. When in place, the crown can give you back your attractive smile, and it can give you the confidence to continue using the tooth to bite and chew.

We Can Address Cosmetic Damage With A Custom Veneer

If your injury is only cosmetic, you may not need to have a full crown put in place. With that said, you can still be understandably worried about the condition of your smile after a tooth is chipped or cracked. With a custom veneer, your dentist can restore your smile while only making conservative changes to your tooth structure. A veneer sits on the front of your tooth to hide any flaws. While veneers are slim, they are strong enough to stay in good condition through years of biting and chewing.

Dr. Schwartz Is Ready To Offer Urgent Care To Patients!

At our New York, NY dental office, Dr. Schwartz is capable of providing urgent care to patients without relying on the assistance of a third party dental lab. Our in-house lab makes it easier for us to provide durable, custom restorations in situations where a person has suffered an injury that affects their tooth structure. For more information about our services, call our New York Dental dental office today at 212-582-6617!