Our New York, NY dental office is able to make patient care more convenient thanks to our in-house dental lab. With our in-house lab, we are able to craft attractive custom restorations that can address both cosmetic dental concerns and oral health problems. By using our lab, and not relying on a third party to craft our restorations, we can shorten treatment times for individuals who come to us for help. We are also able to oversee every step of the creation of a dental crown or veneer meant for your smile. That oversight from your dentist can ensure that when your restoration is ready, it is the ideal shape, size, and color for you. For people in many different circumstances, our dental lab can make treatment faster while delivering great results.

1. A Tooth Affected By Advanced Decay

If your tooth is affected by a cavity that is too serious for a dental filling to be effective, a dental crown can be placed over your tooth to support it. A custom crown can ensure that your tooth no longer faces threats from future infections, and it also allows you to apply bite pressure without discomfort. With our in-house lab, we can create a custom-made dental crown, with care taken to match the shape and size of your tooth, and the enamel color of its neighbors.

2. Visible Trauma From A Dental Injury

After a dental injury, your tooth may be marred by visible chipping, or a crack that has an unfortunate effect on your appearance. Depending on the severity of the problem, we can recommend either a dental crown or porcelain veneer to take care of the way you look. If the damage does not affect your ability to bite and chew, a veneer can provide cosmetic improvement while minimizing changes to your healthy tooth structure. If there are concerns about the tooth’s condition – if there is a risk that it suffer further harm, or that it is vulnerable to infection – a dental crown can be more appropriate.

3. Naturally Occurring Flaws That Affect Your Smile

For some patients, dental veneers are ideal for correcting naturally occurring problems with the shape, size, or color of their teeth. Because our dental lab can produce custom veneers on site, we can make your cosmetic dental treatment experience more convenient, and ensure you have results to share without the waiting period other practices might require.

Our New York Dental Office Can Effectively Address Your Dental Concerns!

At our Manhattan dental practice, Dr. Schwartz is ready to help patients address oral health and cosmetic problems with restorations created in our in-house lab. To find out more about our lab, or to learn how our practice can help you see smile improvements in a short time, please call our New York dental office today at 212-582-6617.