At many dental practices, patients receive restorations that are created by third party dental labs. While the dental crowns and dental veneers produced by these third parties can be effective, this can lead to frustrating delays in treatment. Our New York, NY dental office is able to provide custom restorations without aggravating waiting periods, as we have an in-house dental lab that can produce lifelike dental crowns and veneers. This is a convenient treatment solution that can ensure you have work completed sooner, and with a restoration that is the ideal shape, size, and color. In addition to enjoying a shorter treatment, patients can feel more comfortable knowing that their dentist is able to oversee the construction of their crown or veneer.

We Produce Permanent Restorations Without Relying On A Third Party Lab

Third party dental labs are often responsible for creating appliances used to treat people who have unhealthy teeth. They also provide cosmetic dental restorations for people who want to show off a better, more confident smile. The need to reach out to a third party to complete dental treatment effectively means patients must wait to have their smile work finished. As a result, it can be difficult for work to be completed before an important date, and it can mean dealing with a temporary restoration for a period of time. We are proud to rely on our dental lab for our patients’ care, as it can cut out needless waiting while also giving us responsibility for every step of a procedure!

Crafting Your Custom Dental Crown

A custom dental crown from our lab can keep your vulnerable tooth protected, so you can comfortably bite and chew without negatively affecting it. Because our lab produces crowns made from porcelain, the restorations we provide also help people remain confident in the way they look. At the beginning of your treatment, your tooth will be carefully measured so that a custom crown fits comfortably. We can also take care to identify the color of your natural teeth, so that we can ensure your crown is the right shade to blend in. Once the necessary information is acquired, we can have our lab design the restoration so that it can be set in place.

Our Dental Lab Can Also Help With Cosmetic Dental Work

While dental crowns fully cover teeth above your gum line, veneers are only meant to cover the front of teeth. This makes it possible for us to provide cosmetic dental improvements while minimizing the changes to your tooth structure. As with crowns, veneers are carefully planned so they are the ideal shape, size, and color for your smile!

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Receiving A Lifelike Restoration

At our New York, NY dental practice, patients can count on receiving a custom restoration in less time, thanks to our in-house dental lab! Dr. Schwartz is proud to provide quality oral health treatments to individuals in and around the Manhattan area. To find out more, or to make your appointment, please call our New York dental office at 212-582-6617!