What should your expectations be when you schedule treatment for a cavity? Can you really expect to find a practice that is ready to make short work of your issues with tooth decay, while also taking care to provide you with a dependable and attractive restoration? At our New York, NY dental office, we can make your treatment experience better because we produce crowns in our in-house dental lab! Having access to technology that can produce lifelike crowns allows us to shorten the time it takes to restore your problem tooth. This convenient technology also ensures that your dentist is monitoring the creation of your restoration, which means you can count on Dr. Schwartz to provide a crown that has the right look, shape, and size to take care of your smile.

Find Out How We Manage To Produce Lifelike Restorations At Our Practice!

We have a lab at our practice that we use to create restorations intended for our patients. Because of this access, we can take measurements from your tooth and use them to create a custom crown that we can then use to protect a tooth damaged by decay, or affected by an injury. The on-site lab produces restorations that are meant to imitate natural tooth enamel, so you can feel comfortable with its presence even if it is prominently located.

A Modern Crown Can Provide Important Dental Support After A Cavity

A modern crown is able to match the appearance of a healthy tooth, but its presence is meant to do more than just help you feel better about your smile. You can count on your crown to protect your tooth after restorative dental work. Because it can withstand bite pressure, you can trust your restoration to maintain its condition even as you rely on it during basic dental functions. Being able to maintain your dental function will be important, as problems with your bite can lead to TMJ troubles that affect your daily life.

Can You Count On Receiving An In-House Crown To Deal With A Dental Emergency?

Because our in-house crowns can be produced quickly, and provide meaningful support, we are able to respond to a dental emergency with minimal delays. This can mean recovering from an injured tooth without frustrating delays, and it means you can have any visible damage restored before an important event.

Talk To Dr. Schwartz About Treatment With An In-House Crown

Our New York, NY dental practice is prepared to help people who experience dental decay or damage with minimal delays, thanks to our in-house dental lab! Dr. Schwartz has helped many patients in and around the Manhattan area by quickly placing a lifelike restoration that helps them recover their smile, as well as their natural dental function. To make an appointment with Dr. Schwartz, please call our New York dental office at 212-582-6617.