Our New York, NY dental practice understands how important it is to feel confident in your smile. In addition to wanting your teeth to look their best, you should also feel comfortable biting, chewing, and speaking comfortably, without dental problems interfering in these actions. When patients come to us for treatment, we can provide lifelike dental crowns and dental veneers that have lasting value. While other practices rely on third party laboratories to produce restorations for them, we have removed this third party by crafting restorations in our in-house lab. This ensures that you receive quality crowns and veneers developed with your dentist’s oversight. It also ensures your treatment is completed in less time – after all, your smile is important, but your time is important, too!

Our In-House Lab Makes Modern Dental Care More Convenient

Because we produce dental crowns and veneers in-house, we are able to quickly address problems that might affect your smile and oral health. There will be no waiting for a third party to finish the work of crafting your restoration, and no awkward period where a lab has to deliver that restoration. The use of an in-house lab is also convenient because your dentist can watch the production of your crown or veneer, and make sure it is exactly right for you.

Custom Dental Work Can Greatly Improve Your Smile

A custom dental appliance can be more comfortable when placed, it can look natural when set, and it can offer lasting protection. For cosmetic dental work, custom veneers are effective at hiding minor damages, restoring the color of a tooth, and even hiding some gaps or overlaps between teeth. The porcelain material your veneers are made with can retain their condition and color for many years, which means you can count on your improvements to be long-lasting. For restorative dental work, we use dental crowns to take care of teeth when cavities or dental injuries have occurred. The crown will designed to absorb biting and chewing pressure, which is important, as it allows you to sustain your comfortable dental function.

You Can Count On Us For Prompt Care During A Dental Emergency

With an in-house lab to produce our restorations, we can respond quickly to patients’ needs when they have dental emergencies. We can address painful dental trauma with minimal delay, and make sure your smile is looking its best as soon as possible. This means you can count on us to put a stop to your discomfort, but it also means you can rely on having your smile restored before an important upcoming event.

Our New York, NY Dental Practice Can Provide Remarkable Smile Care!

Dr. Schwartz is ready to help you restore your smile with the right restoration. Thanks to our in-house lab, we can respond quickly to your oral health or cosmetic needs with a custom crown or veneer, and have your treatment completed in less time than you might think possible! To learn more about how we can help you, contact our New York, NY dental office at 212-582-6617.