When many dental offices provide cosmetic or restorative dental work, patients can be stuck with a frustrating wait while a third party lab constructs the restoration (or restorations) that they require. This reliance on a third party does more than just create a delay in treatment, it also means your dentist is not present to oversee the crafting of your veneer or crown. Our New York, NY dentist’s office can remove the need for a third party thanks to our in-house dental lab! The lab we use to craft restorations is able to shorten your treatment time, so you can complete work with little in the way of frustrating delays. This can make it easier to fit treatment in before an important event, or to promptly address a dental emergency.

Our In-House Dental Lab Makes Restorative And Cosmetic Treatment More Convenient

With our in-house dental lab, both cosmetic and restorative procedures can be completed in a surprisingly short period. Are you looking into fixing problems with teeth that look chipped, cracked, or generally misshapen? Could you benefit from work to hide problems with your alignment, or troubles with the shape of your teeth? If so, custom dental veneers can provide exciting results while minimizing work on your tooth structure. For people who need treatment for an advanced cavity, or for those who experience dental damage that affects their oral health, we can respond quickly to the problem with a custom dental crown.

We Take Care To Provide Restorations That Match The Color, Size, And Shape Of Your Teeth

Because our restorations are made on-site, your dentist is present to oversee their development. This benefits you because it means your dentist is checking to confirm that the crown or veneer you receive is the exact right shape and size it needs to be, and that it matches the color of your neighboring teeth. The already aggravating waiting period third party restorations can create can be stretched out when you have to wait for a replacement due to a crown or veneer being off-color, or providing a poor fit.

We Can Also Help You Maintain Your Restored Smile

We are ready to do more than just quickly restore your smile! With the right oral health care support, it is possible to maintain your improved appearance for may years after you have porcelain veneers placed. Our office can also make sure that a dental crown you receive stays in good condition so that it continues to provide practical support that you require.

Talk To Our New York, NY Dentist’s Office About Your Dental Care Needs

At our New York, NY dentist’s office, Dr. Schwartz can provide attractive restorations with minimal delays, thanks to our in-house dental lab! To find out more, or to make an appointment, please call our New York dental practice at at 212-582-6617.